MKMMA PRESS RELEASE – A Miracle? Or A Totally Predictable Result? YOU DECIDE!


Laura Meckler, Wall Street Journal, May 30, 2042

A small, rural county with just under 30,000 inhabitants in Western North Carolina is getting attention…a lot of attention.  In spite of the “Great Recession” and a pervading gloom over much of the nation, this county is thriving.   We did some research, Learjet60and discovered that behind this transformation is a radical idea promoted by Valeska Harraud.  The Wall Street Journal travelled to Andrews to talk with Ms. Harraud, and find out what it is that is making such a difference.  Ms. Harraud could not resist making my trip more enjoyable by picking UpgradedBusinessJetinteriorme up in a private jet for the last leg of the journey.  I have to say, private air travel beats the horror of being irradiated and ‘strip searched’ by TSA every time!!  It’s become my favorite mode of travel after only one trip!

Laura: So, tell me, Ms. Harraud, what happened to take Cherokee County from being one of the poorest counties in North Carolina to being THE place to be?

worldvp1183chicagoworldsfair1933postersValeska:  Laura, first, please call me Val.  You know, what we have been able to accomplish here is nothing less than astounding.   I am quite a history buff.  I noticed that when America was on top of her game in the late 19th and early 20th Centuries, the environment supported innovation and imagination, a stark contrast to today.  I began to look for systems that could regenerate that “Spirit of St. Louis” energy, you know, the kind of energy that sent explorers to every corner of the earth simply to discover.

Laura:  So you embarked upon an economic voyage of discovery?

Valeska:  Yes, and no.  My research and studies showed that the more centralized control there is over individuals, families, and business, the less innovation and growth occurs in local economies. What is our most local economy?  Our PERSONAL Economies! So I asked myself, how can we take back 100% command and control of our Personal Economies?  I remembered what Mayer Amshel Rothschild, one of the Godfathers of International Banking, once said:  “Give me control of a nation’s money and I care not who makes the laws.”  Earlier in my life, I spent over 30 years in banking and financial services, and I started connecting dots that I hitherto had chosen to ignore. I understood why Baron Rothschild said that, and why it is true.

Laura: So you agree with what Ron Paul promoted so many years ago, and wanted to see the end of the Federal Reserve System?

Valeska: Absolutely not.  Every system exists because it serves those who choose to be a part of it.  The present banking WeThePeoplesystem in much of America serves the people, businesses, and governments participating in it, and it serves them quite well.  The Holy Grail I sought, and found, is an alternative to that system.  The Holy Grail is Private Trust Banking, and it provides amazing options and opportunities for people who know how to leverage them.  There is a historical cycle to Liberty. America teetered on the brink of losing it all back in those days.  I am so very thankful that enough people engaged in a system change, both internally and externally! Actually, Cherokee County is not the only example of putting Private Trust Banking into practice.  We were simply the first.

Laura:  Can you explain to me how this system works?

Valeska:  Laura, it is an exciting process, but can only work if the proper foundation is laid.

Laura:  Will you describe that foundation for our readers, please?

cropped-son_of_liberty_avatar_squareValeska:  Gladly!  It begins with a revolutionary concept: THINKING!  We are trained how to read. We are trained how to write. But what do we do with this extraordinary ability?  Most people do nothing!  And their lives show it.  The REAL secret is this.  Thought is energy and energy is power. The systems in most of America’s counties focus on putting energy to work on creating something.  The system in Cherokee County focuses on creating energy itself, thought energy.  Thought is the energy of CAUSE. It is the hidden secret of all man’s accomplishments. It is the hard work of training the mind to think, to focus, that makes the difference.

I stumbled in the dark for decades.  I was in my late 50’s when I was introduced to the world of Private Trusts. I could see the power of it, utilizing the powerful tools of the founding fathers and of the richest and most powerful families and companies in America and in the world.  I thought I had ‘found it’, that Holy Grail of economic growth, affluence, and prosperity.  For several more years, I worked within the system, studying it, becoming competent in trusts, but still was missing the mark, falling short of my vision.

Aerial-view-of-MurphySmiling broadly, Val stopped her story to point out to me our destination. “Oh, Laura, speaking of visions, take a look outside the window of the plane.  We’ll be landing in a few minutes.”  The beauty of the view from the plane rivaled anything on earth. I could see why Val loves it so and why she invited me to interview her in person.

We landed at Western Carolina Regional Airport, were picked up in a Mercedes,  drove to their 1000 acre estate bordered by the Valley and Hiawassee Rivers.  Val calls it their private river walk.

Laura:  This is amazing. Tell me about this place.

Valeska:  It’s 1000 acres of totally usable and productive land. Way back in 2016, John and I had a blast paying cash for the first 300 acres. It was part of the first round of Private Trust financing for Iona. We’ve been growing ever since.

entrance to Chateau

Approximately 200 acres of it are devoted to organic farming and orchards. We grow apple, pear,Our riverwalk andrews home and cherry trees here, and the crops rotated throughout the year are from heirloom seeds of the highest quality.  We maintain our own seed bank, by the way. The other organic farmers of Cherokee County produce more than enough for local consumption as well as consumption in Asheville, Blairsville, Blue Ridge, Young Harris, Hiawassee, and even some of the communities considered suburbs of Atlanta.  Faithful stewardship of the land produces harvests of higher quality and greater yields than seen anywhere else in the southeast. All that good nutrition is important.  The work of training the brain requires good nutrition!

Private Trust Banking has transformed agriculture, industry, and all business in Cherokee County.  For example, a Farmer prepares and presents a Request for Trust Authority to the Managers of the Trusts. If approved, they are made the stewards of the funds they need to establish, grow, and maintain a thriving organic farm.  They repay the trust out of their profits…paying it forward, so the principle in the Trusts is maintained and can seed the business visions of future generations. No interest is charged. What a blessing!  Of course, if, for some reason, the business fails, there is no repayment required.  We believe, and have demonstrated, you give what you want to get, and the more you give, the more you get.

Calaboose CellarsThere is a 300 acre vineyard here.  You can see it from here down by the river. Calaboose Cellars, one of the oldest businesses in the county, buys most of the grapes from our vineyard. We reserve a few vines for our own use. It is a tangible reminder of the work required to create a vibrant economy.  What is it that Og Mandino says?  “We pluck grapes of wisdom from the tallest vinyardand fullest vines in the vineyard.”  Another of the farms in Cherokee County grows and produces grass fed beef. They are a cradle to grave operation, and their beef is sold to some of the finest restaurants up and down the eastern seaboard.  Another farm produces eggs…REAL eggs…the kind with yolks that are orange and rich in Omega 3s and that have amazing taste, unlike those pale imitations sold in most groceries.  Chickens, quail, turkeys…..we grow and produce them all.  Here in Cherokee County, we love good food, and we personally know those who grow and produce it.  What was even more fun was opening the world of Private Trust Banking to the farmers.  What a thrill!!!

IonaThe nutrition provided by organic meat, poultry, and veggies is essential to maintaining vibrant health.  Iona Integrative Health happens to have been founded by my husband.  He was put on the planet to assist children and families heal from traumas of all kinds and create lives and family systems that work.  Most families that have issues suffer from not having tools that work, from neverTree-logo-vibrant-health having been in a family system that works, and from spiritual, physical, mental, and emotional challenges, many of which arise from big pharma and agribusiness.  Give them the tools for healthy relationships, get them on real food, supplemented by pure herbs and essential oils, teach them energy medicine systems such as Pranic Healing, the Nexalin and Tesla Light technologies,, and set up a health system where colonics, cranial sacral therapy, massage, yoga, acupuncture, and hypnosis are available, and it really doesn’t take too long before people want to learn to do the work to manifest their life purpose.  Goodness!  Without health, most don’t even consider the possibility of having a life purpose to fulfill!!

Iona was the first project in the county that benefited from Private Trust Banking.  We put together an amazing mastermind group, made the application for Trust Authority, got relationship=20schematicapproved, and were entrusted with $50 million dollars to put it into action. We had a 30 year plan to repay the principle out of the profits.  I am delighted to say that the $50M in trust funds we managed for the creation of Iona were paid back within 10 years.  That was totally beyond our wildest expectations!  We set up the system so that those who commit to the path of total health and wellth are given a card which they use to access any and all services and nutritional supplementation required in order to restore the body to the balance God created in it.  Every 4 weeks, they are given the opportunity to ‘pay it forward’ to keep the center open and serving new clients.  The benefit and value given by Iona is so massive that we continually are looking for more ways to be of service.  People travel from all over the world to come here so they can regain the blessing of being vibrantly healthy and alive.

There are approximately 300 acres of fine timber as well. That won’t be harvested for another two or three generations, and then selectively harvested.

Laura:  What a huge responsibility to own and manage a 1000 acre estate as well as a world class Integrative Health Center.  How do you manage all of that and still have a life?

Valeska: First, we don’t own anything, and neither do many of the successful businesses here own anything. Ownership is highly over rated. We teach intergenerational asset management.  Additionally, every family member is encouraged to identify their life purpose, and to create and manage the assets required to bring it into fruition.

x3max_masterkeyThat takes me back to my own, personal “Missing Link”.  As I was saying when we landed, I was missing the mark in bringing into being my Vision for America.  In a perfect example of God doing for me what I could not do for myself, the good friend of mine who had been investing his life for over three years in training people, to include me, for Trust Authority, offered me the opportunity to be trained by a team of people who had become masters of the science of THINKING.  Their teachings were not easy, but the hard work was worth every minute. As soon as I started, I saw that I had programmed my life for falling short of the goal, for stopping just before victory was attained.  I saw that, in order to bring into creation the possibility of 100% command and control over my own personal economy, and to provide that opportunity to others, I had to dedicate myself to retraining my mind. Much of what they asked of me seemed ridiculous, but I stepped out in faith. Why would I do that?  Their lives worked. Mine didn’t. They achieved their visions. I kept erasing mine.  The Missing Link was two-fold: Training the Sub-conscious mind and Working in 100% Harmony with others who are dedicated to you achieving your life purpose. The Master Key, Master Mind Alliance training is foundational. Without it, nothing of lasting value can be attained.  I threw myself into the training, and it changed my life.  I saw that true freedom is impossible if themaster-mind mind is enslaved. It took tremendous courage to embark upon my own Hero’s Journey.  The results have been so astounding that I joined the team, becoming a certified guide. You see, I clearly saw that my vision for Liberty and 100% command and control of my personal economy, and sharing that with others who also want that, was only possible with people who possess internal liberty, people who know how to think, and who are willing to invest the time and effort to learn to live their lives forward, to live from CAUSE, rather than how most people operate, which is backwards, living at effect of external influences.

Over the years hundreds of thousands of people have taken, and continue to take, the training.  Those who finish have the freedom to choose. They possess true Liberty, limitless potential to live life powerfully. Whether or not they join the mission to establish a banking system that works for people matters not. What was and is important is that as many people as possible awaken to their inherent connection to God and loose upon the world the creative genius that abides within them.

The Secret Ingredient in every successful system is Love.  Authentic appreciation for another dissolves dissent and differences and germinates a collaboration among people such that everyone benefits.  One of the things I love about the Master Key Master Mind Alliance training is its practicality. As the Native Americans say, it grows corn. It works. It is the HOW to be at cause to successfully create a life of purpose and passion.  If that life of purpose and passion needs seed capital, Private Trust banking provides that for those trained in trusts and trust authority, so that they qualify to be the steward of the funds required.  It’s a Win-Win-Win. I do want to state that the trusts utilized in the Private Trust Banking system are not the trusts used by those who set up estate and financial planning entities. Ours are a totally different animal. That is a critical distinction.

phoenix_lgIt took several decades to dismantle the government school system, the government sick-care system, and the government grant system that stifled innovation and regulated business into an early grave. It took a great deal of faith, trust, and love to rise from the ashes of complacency into the sunlight and freedom of flight. I was a young thing of 58 when I started this journey.  I’m a young thing of 90 now, and the joy in my heart at seeing the second generation of innovators and entrepreneurs expressing their purpose and genius energizes me to the very core.  God Himself continues to thrill down from on high, directly pouring into the heart of every man and woman born, the capacity for greatness. Through the Seven Generation Academy, where we train men and women in Private Trust Banking, and the Master Key, Master Mind Alliance, where we train the mind to think, to generate the energy of living at cause, we transformed Cherokee County, one heart, one mind at a time.

So you see, Laura, it is not what we have done in Cherokee County that transformed the economy here. It’s who we becameThe Privilege of a Lifetime, one heart, one mind at a time, which allowed the transformation you see to have happened, and to continue to happen. We have a 7 generation perspective.  Liberty, Acknowledgement for Creative Expression, Legacy, Vibrant Health of body, mind, and spirit, Grateful Service, Spiritual Growth, Freedom….our unalienable rights granted unto us by God…this is our inheritance. It’s the inheritance of every man, woman, and child.  All they have to do to claim it is use it. We use it. You see the results. That’s who we are, and out of who we are, what we envision is accomplished.

Laura:  An amazing story, Val.  How do I become a part of it?

With a huge smile, Val said, “You already have. You just said “Yes” to your own Hero’s Journey, the doorway to which I am delighted to provide to you.  Welcome to your life! Let’s get started.”

Heros Journey

25 thoughts on “MKMMA PRESS RELEASE – A Miracle? Or A Totally Predictable Result? YOU DECIDE!

  1. Jim Allmon

    Val, this is brilliant and I can only pray your vision is realized. This is a future I would love. I see your DMP easily because it’s bathed in the glow of passion.

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  3. jennymasterkey

    So incredible!!! A wonderful read and such clarity.
    I am a craniosacral therapist and my practice is called the Iona Clinic.
    I named it Iona because it is one of those few special places in the world where our earthly world and the spiritual world are closest.
    Feeling your love xJen

    1. Valeska Harraud

      Hi Jen, That’s why we named our business Iona as well! I actually have a wonderful pendant made from a wondrous light green stone smoothed by the sea washing over it for eons. I touch it regularly. It grounds. me. Hmmmmmmm. No accidents……looking forward to collaborating! God bless you!

  4. abletsang

    Holy SMOKES that is incredible!! I always wondered how these problems would be fixed, and the system that you have come up with is so creative and innovative. Amazing!!! I LOVE the foundations you are laying… real food, paying things forward. Legacy. Personal economies and personal liberty.

    I have had so much joy reading more and more press releases as they are being published and I am excited for them all to manifest. There is so much hope in the world!!!!!

  5. Cyndria Coaty

    Incredible vision of the future…starting with transforming one heart, one mind at a time and resulting in transforming America back to her greatness through paying it forward. Give more, get more. Such potential lies hidden within each of us as we step forward into our personal Hero’s Journey.

  6. ketter1

    Val, we live in Cashiers during the summer and meeting you in person and the vision you have is now on my list of “to-do’s” for 2014. Great vision

    1. Valeska Harraud

      It starts with a study of Law, the ones we have to live with in the world which does not see things as we do, then learning how to work with eternal truths and natural law to bring about change. That’s part of the Hero’s Journey, crossing that Marsh Tolkien describes so powerfully in The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit. God bless you! Merry Christmas!

  7. Patricia Tamowski

    Val, love your dream, your innovative ideas, your vision for generations to come! We can have peace on earth, one person at a time, starting with us, then our family, then our community, ever expanding. Really nice.

  8. Mark Farrell

    Val, wow, what an amazing vision you’ve described here! Love that 1000 acre estate with rivers, organic farming, orchards & integrative health centre! I can clearly see your strategy based on creating systems that leverage your knowledge & experience of Private Trust Banking and our MKMMA, and how those systems will be used to create a wonderful legacy for people, families and for Cherokee County. Awesome stuff. You must have thought long and hard about this. Thanks so much for sharing it.
    If I had to guess at your PPNs, I’d say ‘Liberty’ and ‘Legacy’… ‘True Health’ is presumably high up on the list as well. Am I close?
    Your determined, creative and loving spirit will surely make this inspiring vision come true! ~Mark.

    1. Valeska Harraud

      Thank you so very much, Mark!! It’s actually a Vision for America! It’s one heart, one mind at a time in every county across America. We are looking for people of vision and purpose in every county. God bless you!


  9. cindydizio

    I have always wished that Oprah would run for president.. after reading your press release..I would vote for you too… What a vision! What a PLAN..with purpose.. that is the most amazing vision for 1,000 acres in North Carolina.. You have your details explained so vividly…with the application of the 4 steps, I believe it will be way before you are a young thing of 90 that you will be living this life…as it was only 10 years rather than 30 to repay the loan..I see you as a young thing of 70..with a few decades left to enjoy the fruits of your labor!! I am in awe of your vision!!

  10. Jennifer netter

    This is amazing! As a chiropractor this absolutely resonates with my belief system! Since my youngest Ruari has Down Syndrome, we have been on this voyage of keeping her body the temple it was created as. It definitely causes it’s share of disdain from many of her medical providers (mostly needed to monitor her heart condition and create medical necessity for her numerous therapies). With the strong constitution it has afforded her, they cannot give me any reasoning dissuade my practices. I would love to tour your Intergrative Health Institute and see first hand the health awakenings you are experiencing. Love what you stand for!


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