The Master Key Experience – METAMORPHOSIS

Life_2d8fa7_550894Do you ever feel like life is passing you by?

Do you have “If Only” conversations with yourself?

Do you KNOW there is more?

Do you seek to improve yourself to attain your desires and dreams?

How’s that working for you?

Take a look around. Google shows you plenty of opportunity to ‘find yourself’ and help you ‘make it happen’ in your life!

Google Search Results:

“Self-Help” 310,000,000
“Self-Improvement” 39,800,000

How much is this industry generating for what is tantamount to a fresh coat of paint?

$11 BILLION in 2012, up from $9 Billion in 2009.einstein-insanity-quote

And do you know why this number continues to grow? Because what they offer does not work.

You now have the power to change all of that for yourself, and for anyone else you want to share this with.

It’s only offered once a year….the next Master Key Experience…..

Remove the mask. Unleash your magnificence! Release the life you planned so as to have the life you deserve, the life you alone can create.

Forget the new look.

Throw that out with the garbage!

The Great Master Key Experience Works.

It takes you from the life you planned: Safe, Secure, Beautiful in many ways, but limiting.the life we planned

To the life that waits for you and you alone.

Metamorphosis.   Total Transformation of Form and Nature.

The life waiting for us

You hold the key.

Unlock your mind.

Mark J and the Fabulous Davene awarded endowment scholars to over 400 people in the 2014 MKMMA Experience. They blessed 300 with scholarships in the 2013 Experience. Their plan is to award 1000 Endowment Scholarships in the 2015 Experience.

Sounds like there’s a lot of room, but, in truth, there will be at least three times that many people wanting those slots.

It’s a six month journey into your greatness guided by people who know how to support you in mastering the skills and mindset required to transform yourself and your life, totally, completely, and forever, because you cannot close a mind once opened.

Say “YES” to YOUR Hero’s Journey into your Greatness.

8 thoughts on “The Master Key Experience – METAMORPHOSIS

  1. Dennis Andrews

    Hello Cassandra….I knew your blog page would be impressive….I’m seeing how the “Adults” do blog pages as I want to create one that is bold and engaging as well. I signed up for a hosted blog today with Heather, and I’m really looking forward to getting skillful with it and postings. I thank you for your excellent example. Your posts are equally impressive as well. I can learn much from you!

    1. Valeska

      Thanks so much, Dennis! Heather is amazing, and you are going to LOVE working with her! A hosted blog is a fine tool…it makes ‘the work’ so much easier and even fun! Looking forward to your new ‘freedom of expression’!! God bless you!

  2. Diva Tyler

    When I tried to sign up for the hero’s journey, I received an error message, stating my email was being suppressed due to global rules, Can you help?

  3. Ilona

    How beautiful Valeska!! I so miss the MKMMA!! So great to read your blog…..or skim it, as I am taking care of my miracle baby 🙂 aLl the best to you!

    1. Valeska

      Hi Ilona! So good to hear from you!!!! The Miracle Baby is your DMP for now!!!! What a great gift! And the MKMMA is here for you when you are ready to rejoin the conversation! You can ‘drop in’ anytime, you know! God bless you!


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