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The Master Key Keeps on Giving and Growing


Master Key Master Mind Alliance Mark Januszewski

The Master Key Keeps on Giving and Growing


It was really Emerson who inspired this whole Master Key Mastermind Alliance Experience. Back in 2007, wifey, The Fabulous Davene and I had a “sit down” … meaning, for us, just the two of us and lots of espresso.

Oh, yeah, and a “conclusion.”    We don’t call a “sit down” to kick things around, we call them to make a change.   The details probably aren’t important so I’ll skip’em but I asked for the “sit down” and had something on my mind.

The "sit down" with Emerson

The “sit down” with Emerson

I had spent several days reading over and over and over Emerson’s essay, “The Law of Compensation.”   It has been assigned to the members Master Key course, as usual only this time it hit me deeper, in my gut.   And it wouldn’t let go.

The gist of that conversation with Davene was I wanted to dedicated myself to this Master Key Experience for others and she said that’s great, knew what it had done for both of us.

“You don’t understand what I’m asking honey,” I said after a long silence.


“I don’t want to teach and apply the Master Key System….I want to do that but I want to get there based on Emerson’s Law of Compensation.”

Silence.   Long Silence.

“So just keep giving the course away and trusting, down to our livelihood, the Key and Emerson’s Law?”


Longer silence.


In a nutshell, the Law is “give more, get more” and it’s misquoted by the “law of attraction” hucksters all the time.    For the record, we don’t “turn on” the law of attraction.  It’s working 24-7 but that’s not the point of this post.

Back to the sit.

That last long silence ended.   She smiled and said four words, “Let’s get busy giving.”

We bet our  collective future on 3 things.   The Master Key System, Emerson’s Law and living our lives doing what we love.

In 2010 we began the transition from living rooms and conference calls to this inter-webbie thing…and gave the course away to around 200 people…and last year, 2013 session really helped up “refine” the connection points, both on and offline.   And, giving.

Of course, they, the 2013 session,  were exposed to Emerson and the romantic nature that is a requirement for all those on the staff….no, I’m not talking about dating.   The willingness to commit to something bigger than yourself with no apparent payoff…to give without expectation of reciprocity.

A 2010 Master Key Mastermind Alliance member has a ministry…where the money given actually gets to the end user.   Scott Brookins, cool dude from Colorado,  rolled up his sleeves…and found a dream.  To rebuild a community in Uganda.   The 2013 session, 330 inititial members and 170 finishers, [not going to lie here, it will challenge you], dedicated themselves to the course and we all gave some….today…the school building stands.  In Uganda and the children and villagers have more…we are so proud of this group of Master Key Members… and somehow, simply by giving more without expectation they moved all of us one step closer…



Our purpose, the real purpose of the course, is to help people learn to help themselves think for themselves….and in doing so both find and follow their bliss.   We want to be able to scholarship in over 1000 people…and a group within that group of finishers in completing 5 months of training to handle the additional new Heroes.


We open the “pay-it-forward” scholarship process on September 11th so make sure you’re on that early notification list…it only comes once a year…what can you expect?

Why do I use the term Hero?

You can expected to be challenged to let go of other people’s ideas, the conditioning we have all been subjected to and challenged to think for yourself.   For those who accept this challenge and think for themselves, [and we don’t tell you what to think, just that you can], they embark on the greatest of all adventures…known as the Hero’s Journey.

The payoff is immense….you will find and follow your bliss…

Make sure you check out a certified guide or two ….and a few members.…go back to their week one when you find someone interesting to you….and follow their journey for 6 months….it sure beats surfing the web or watching sports center….these are people who put that stuff away, living vicariously through other’s and began their own adventure.

keep giving to keep growing


mark januszewski

The 2014 Master Key Started in September.
To be notified of the next Master Key Experience, Please leave your name and email address below. It’s Your Hero’s Journey, the Only Journey worth Taking…and the only Story worth Telling.

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