Week 18 – The Master Key Experience – BREAKTHROUGH


This is Rick Siedschlag watershed moment in his Hero’s Journey. I am honored to share it with you this week.  Thank you, Rick!!!!!

Julie Andrews Sound of MusicAm I happy? Am I Julie Andrews running in the meadow on top of a mountain singing, happy?  Should I be?  What a great week of seeing where the progression takes us.  I always liked the statement “if you want to predict the future, create it” now it seems to be coming into focus.  What makes me happy?  My family?  Yep! Earning a good living?  Of course!  My sports teams winning?  When you cheer for Minnesota teams, absolutely!  Those are outside events and situations but, underneath, am I happy?

MMKMA has been a course of clashes.  What we brought into the study  from our past clashing on a weekly basis clashing on new ways of thinking, although so much of it wasClash-of-the-Titans-31 written so long ago.  Even for me personally, my Christian understanding, looking at it from a whole new perspective.  A better perspective and a better relationship with The Almighty. Week 18 was a week of clashes.  Happiness smashed into the fiber that controlled my life.  I’m a cynic! If you asked me I put on a front of positiveness but below the surface I am a glass half empty guy.  Don’t know how I got here, don’t like to admit it and, I sure in the hell don’t like it.  I’m classic nothing ever is good enough!!  Ugh!!!  99% of the world would trade places with me.  Then the two questions, “What are you pretending to not to know?”  and, “What would the person you’re trying to become do?”. Putting those into my everyday thinking really kicked the crap out of me.

breakthrough_eagle_by_wallaceWeek 18 was a very eye opening week.  When I don’t go through progression I only cripple myself.  That, in turn, hurts those I love and those I meet.  I went from, when will this damn thing be over to, is there enough time to pry my head out of my ass or just go get a glass stomach so I can see with it up there?

Am I happy?  I have streaks of happiness.  I’m not as happy as I should be.  I’ve probably lost some time to most in MMKMA but the path is there, one step at a time!  Do the progression and concentrate on kindness and gratitude.  Some day you may hear “The hills are alive with the sound of music!” coming from a small town in Wisconsin!!!